We are Mobile workforce management solution specialists

For the team at Telecetera, mobile IT is a lifelong passion. When we released our first IT solution 25 years ago, mobile phones were still a novelty; they certainly didn’t fit in your pocket! Our depth of experience sets us apart from the competition, giving us an intuitive grasp of the ways that mobile field service software can be used to improve performance right across your organisation.

Once you’ve introduced a mobile workforce solution it will quickly become a critical part of how your organisation operates (just like email only even more powerful). Connect is technically robust, well proven and it works.

Our Values

Throughout our history, the Telecetera team has stayed true to the values on which the company was founded. We believe in answering our own phones and our senior developers talk to customers regularly so they understand how our field service software solutions are really used. We take great pride in the way we stay focussed on solutions that your teams will want to use, they add real value to your organisation and they work.

Telecetera solutions work

We live in the real world. We are not a mobile workforce management software vendor that creates solutions that only work when there’s a WiFi connection available. We make sure that our software delivers under all conditions — even the most demanding. Like every other product we put our name to, Telecetera Connect works.

“From the questions they asked, it was clear Telecetera was approaching our requirements as a partner, not just as a supplier.”

Howard Jones, Knowledge and Information Management Director, Plus Dane

Value for money

The cost of the hardware needed to operate our mobile workforce management software is being driven down year-on-year. We launched Connect ten years ago. In the course of that eventful decade, we have been able to take advantage of newer, smarter phones to pack more and more features into our field service management system. Every single one of those features was added in response to actual customer requests.

Our most recent development, Connect Lite, is an entirely new addition to the Connect family. It’s a web-based field service software solution that has the full Connect pedigree but is available via set monthly payments per user.

Learning more

Would you like to learn more about Telecetera and our mobile workforce management software? If so please call on 01905 612220, email info@telecetera.co.uk or click below to sign up to our email updates. We can arrange contact with existing customers and reference site visits at the appropriate stage.