Telecetera Connect: Schedule with confidence

When you’re responsible for scheduling the work of several mobile teams, your job can seem like air traffic control. What resources are needed? Which teams have access to those skills and tools? Who’s the best fit for distance and location?

Time is money – but every mile of unnecessary travel comes off the bottom line. To pull off the juggling act, you need to share key data with your mobile teams in real time. More staff is not really the answer. Organisations now look to scheduling software to support them and to improve the information flow to and from the office without using more paper or making more phone calls.

Structured information flow and efficient employee scheduling software takes the guess work out of the operation with timely updates throughout the working day. For organisations who run a 24/7 operation, Connect can also include automated Lone worker protection functionality to ensure that your team stays safe.

And you need field service scheduling software which has the flexibility to switch at a moment’s notice between a planned schedule and a ‘real world’ job view. Busy customer service teams need to quickly and easily respond to queries and the best scheduling software will allow them to keep track of who is on route to a site –and who has arrived

Telecetera Connect provides everything you need from resource scheduling software to stay on top of your workload – in a single tightly integrated package with many added features.

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How smart is your scheduler?

Some business models lend themselves to automated scheduling software. In the last decade or so, many organisations have made the switch, letting the computer decide where and when to deploy resources.

Many of the managers we talk to like the idea of automated scheduling. But they also realise that they need the option of overriding the scheduling software to maximise their responsiveness. That’s why we made our solution more flexible than the competition. Switch seamlessly between Connect’s ‘Schedule’ and ‘Appoint’ mode to focus on efficiency or customer response; just as the job demands. We call it Intelligent Scheduling.

For organisations with regular, planned maintenance jobs, Connect resource scheduling software will enable you to plan ahead effectively over the period of a contract. You no longer have to rely on the team to keep track of the recurring jobs through diaries or spreadsheet. Connect will handle it for you.

No one is an island – unless their mobile is out of range! The UK’s patchy mobile network is enough to throw some workforce management systems completely. But Connect’s field service scheduling software is designed to cope. When a phone goes out of range, Connect switches it automatically into offline mode. As soon as connectivity is restored, Connect automatically reconciles the phone’s data with central control.

“With Connect we have reduced the time taken to find and schedule in an available operative for a customer waiting on the phone. Now scheduling in jobs is a 10-second job. A phone call now takes only 2-3 minutes.

Customer Care Advisor, Plus Dane

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Reasons you need field service scheduling software

  1. Know exactly what’s happening on site – at all times.
  2. Control labour, time and materials costs with ease.
  3. Track communication and information flows automatically.
  4. Reschedule jobs and organise diaries, quickly and easily.
  5. Eliminate tedious manual checks of jobsheets and timesheets.
  6. Invoice jobs immediately on completion.
  7. Link photos, sketches and other visuals to your jobs for easy reference.
  8. Easily append updated health and safety instruction to every job.
  9. Capacity plan for efficient contract management.