Real-time mobile workforce statistics – from Connect

Obtaining accurate and up-to-date reports on the activities of your workforce needn’t involve drudgery. Telecetera Connect field service software provides a top-level ‘dashboard’ that relays mobile workforce statistics throughout the day, monitors employee whereabouts, and integrates job documentation! The transparency it delivers on all mobile operations is a real asset when you need to justify a decision, allocate resources and keep customers happy.

Use Connect to:

  • Get live updates on jobs – and job status.
  • Keep tabs on everyone – in real time.
  • Check travel times against time on-site.
  • Integrated job sheets, photos, sketches, signatures and barcodes are available on your smartphones.
Field service management software ukfield service management software

Field service management software uk

Field service management software

Field service management

Connect reports: Field service management 'by numbers'

Every organisation needs to manage performance metrics. Connect’s reporting capabilities equip you to manage field work by numbers. But it’s not enough just to design report; you need to run them regularly to ensure that you have efficient an efficient field service management tool that gives you value for money. If the reports are too complex to run – or involves input from too many members of the team – it will become a chore.

With Connect mobile workforce statistics you can run key reports daily, weekly, or monthly. Choose the formats that work for you! As well as tracking trends against real time performance, Connect Data Analyser is easy to run and easy to manage. Connect field service management solutions let you drill down into the detail. Because you don’t have to worry about pulling information together from different spreadsheets and systems, Connect enables you and your staff to be proactive in your field service management.And don’t forget your customers! What do they need to see in order to have confidence in delivery. With Connect you can have confidence  in giving them the information for efficient service delivery.

“I used to have to check the job in three different systems; our in house system, then in AutoRoute for the location and then the job sheet. Now I can just click a button and immediately have all the information to hand”

Claire McEvilly, Long Hire Controller AndyLoos