Discover your organisation’s full potential: How Connect can help your planning process

Effective business planning requires timely, accurate information – and that’s doubly true in a mobile enterprise.

Telecetera Connect field service software incorporates scheduling and planning software solutions that can collect and present key data from across your organisation – even when most of your workforce is out on-site.

With features such as live timesheets and up-to-date material costings, keeping your contracts on schedule and your mobile work force on track is a breeze.

In fact, now that you’ve got some time on your hands, you can try using Connect real-time performance data to fine-tune your resourcing planning to raise performance even higher!

Field management softwareField service Software

Field management software

Field service Software

“There has been occasions when the driver has questioned the new route – they have their own shortcuts and think they know the route better. But in all cases it has proved them wrong – the system is far more efficient at routing than we are.

Adam Houchen, AndyLoos, Managing Director

Confidence for you and your team

As an enterprise mobile management solution Connect gives you the ability to mix mobile work information with other business data from around your organisation. The real revolution, in support of performance improvement across departments, is that it’s available real time. You’re also better placed to re-deploy your resources to meet current needs with Connect because you also have access to actual performance in real time and it’s pain free because it’s automated!

Connect Data Analyser – our new reporting tool – has been designed to efficiently and quickly track the information from the field service management software over to your managers. It is easy to use and easy to manage so you no longer have to allocate a lot of preparation time to report on the team’s performance. Regularly running reports over time gives you the opportunity to spot trend and improve the service for your customers. Is one of your teams running late regularly? Has that affected the customer satisfaction stats? Now is the time to nip that in the bud and to plan accordingly
Our advice is that if you run field service management software – you also need to keep a keen eye on the reports for long term efficiency. Connect will give you those tools.

Mobile Workforce Planning

Connect field service management software supports your business planning process with: