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Connect: Mobile field software that gets the job done

To get the job done, your people need the right tools. Connect is mobile field management software that fits the needs of your workforce and your organisation. Accessed via an intuitive Android interface on each mobile user’s smart phone and focusing on enterprise mobility, its powerful job management software provides real-time access to essential job and scheduling information. And, by helping to eliminate wasted effort, Connect mobile field software delivers improved service and efficiency to your customers.

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Connect: Linking your
mobile workers to your office in real time.

Want maximum productivity from your mobile workers? Stop them wasting time on paperwork. Switch them over
to Connect field management software.

With Connect, an Android smartphone becomes a fully-featured workstation out in the field, ready to provide access to job sheets, survey data, technical briefings and health and safety information. And, by eliminating paper admin, it shaves hours off your cost base. If you don’t believe us, ask anyone who’s ever driven back to base to collect a blank timesheet or a requisition form. In addition the information is organised and compact. Finding what you want is much easier, won’t get lost or damaged and you don’t have to carry piles or paperwork with you – which you need to have remembered to print out / collect for the days work.

Quick to pick up

Like so many favourite tools of the trade, Connect’s user interface is easy to get the hang of and intuitive. Clear fonts, colours and layouts combine with the minimum number of screen taps or swipes to allow mobile users to see what they need to, record what you’ve decided is required (including text, photos, sketches and signatures) and shares this back to central control through our unique mobile field software in real time. It’s not long before a Connect user’s smart device is never far from their reach.

There’s no need to remember to update or download anything. Connect will serve up to the user what they require on their mobile device using its mobile field software to manage the flow of data in line with the type and strength of signal. This includes storing key information on the device whilst a good signal is available so it can be used later when required. Connect will also store information to automatically update back to head office later when signal is available. The mobile operative won’t even know this is happening they can just focus on the task in hand.

Connect benefits include:

  • Genuine enterprise mobility via real time information sharing.
  • Full information and history on every job.
  • Managed connectivity – even in areas of poor coverage.
  • Integrated satnav functions.
  • Built-in health and safety checks.
  • ‘Pin’ images, sketches or notes to electronic jobsheets.
  • Protection mode and panic button for lone workers.
  • Easy-to-use van stock and ordering controls.
“Mobile working solutions have been around for a long time and Telecetera have been a consistent presence in the market for many years and know both their core business and customers really well, which stands them apart from the rest.”

Stuart Constable, Director of Property, SHAL Housing

Does your Mobile Workforce Management solution work out here? Connect does!

Field Management Software

The UK’s variable mobile network is enough to throw some mobile field software completely off-balance. But Connect is designed to cope. Connect can operate effectively even on a 2G connection. Got a 3G or 4G signal? Great! That means faster service and, if the smartphone goes out of range, Connect switches into offline mode, storing any inputs on the handset. As soon as connectivity is restored, Connect automatically reconciles the input data with base. Not all solutions work this way.

Team in the field? How's their mobile signal?