Mobile Scheduling

Real-time, on the spot Diary and Appointment control

What it does
Connect Mobile Scheduling puts your mobile workforce in total and instant control of their time and business commitments. Staff can fix, change or cancel appointments to make best use of their working hours and deal quickly and efficiently with unexpected changes or opportunities.

Whatever your people in the field decide and schedule, your office team automatically see in real time on Connect Manager, enabling you to keep right up to date with the big picture.

Quick to set up and simple to use, you can configure Mobile Scheduling for any combination of individuals or groups to control who has access to this new-found freedom and how they use it.

Key benefits

Mobile Scheduling:

  • Saves time – fix appointments with customers there and then
  • Saves money – reduces administration work and non-productive time
  • Dispenses with paper-based job sheets and notes
  • Improves flexibility, responsiveness and customer satisfaction
  • Makes out-of-hours jobs easier to manage
  • Removes the need for separate calendars and office contact
  • Speeds up job completions and invoicing
  • Suits all types of staff and teams – from sales reps to surveyors.

Connect Reschedule in the field


Who it’s for

Mobile Scheduling makes agile working on the move possible even for staff who’ve not used mobile workforce management software before. It’s the perfect tool for sales teams, supervisors, inspectors, tradespeople and surveyors – if your job involves being out and about, Mobile Scheduling will help you do it faster, better and more cost effectively.