Document Library

Up-to-date, comprehensive compliance information, all in one place
What it does

Connect’s Document Library gives your mobile teams instant and unlimited access to the latest manuals, risk assessments and method statements to help them do their jobs the right way, right first time.

In situations where legal and safety compliance really matters, you need to be sure that staff have all the relevant facts and guidance right at their fingertips, but without the cost and hassle of issuing and updating bulky hard copies.

Document Library allows you to build up a bespoke resource of practical information to match the profile of your team’s work. It’s secure and accessible, and updates every user automatically with every change or addition in real time, to ensure you’re aware of and can meet every requirement.
Key benefits

Document Library:

  • Saves time and money equipping mobile teams with hard copy guidance
  • Avoids the risk of staff working to obsolete or out-of-date instructions
  • Safeguards health, safety and wellbeing for staff and customers
  • Handles all sorts of formats – Word, Excel, pdf, drawings and photos
  • Can be configured to tailor the right information to any group or individual
  • Is easy to set up and manage from a central point
  • Offers information storage and instant access, without an internet connection, limited only by available device storage
  • Maximises accuracy, compliance and customer satisfaction.


Screenshot of Connect Mobile with Document Library

Who it’s for

Document Library makes the work of any mobile workforce quicker, safer and more productive. It’s invaluable in higher-risk settings like gas, electric and fire safety where only 100% compliance will do.

Irusha at SVHS

“Our company has 40 vans out on the road, so keeping them all up to date with Health & Safety documents is a real challenge. I thought that there must be a different and better way to mange this. The new Connect Document Library will make things much easier”

Irusha Hewawasamge, Health and Business Safety Advisor, 
Severn Vale Housing