Connect Lite

We’ve worked with business owners for more than 15 years, so we appreciate how hard it can be in a busy business to really see how much a new initiative could improve the business.

With our 30 day trial you can try out Connect Lite as it’s actually used within your business before you sign up. The trial includes some start up dummy data for you to try before you enter your own data. All live on any Android mobile phones you have. On a paid subscription you can configure forms to match your business process.

What can you do during
a Connect Lite 30 day trial

You can use Connect Lite as a fully functioning mobile workforce solution during the trial. (Some of the more advanced  features may be disabled.)

This means you can add users, add (import) your job locations and job types. You can add a job and then schedule that job in the diary to one pf your mobile teams.

Once allocated the job will then be sent to the operatives device where they can load it, review it, see the route and start travelling. When on-site they can mark work carried out and record all sorts of information including photos and sketches. The completed job  is then sent back to the office administrator to view  via their Connect Lite log in. You can see where mobile operatives and jobs are located using the map function.

As you start to build up a few jobs within Connect Lite you will be able to see how reports can give a unique insight into the performance of your business and of your mobile operatives. You can also export completed job information via .csv files to feed into your billing system.

The only limits are that the trial only covers 1 office scheduler / planner and 2 mobile workers and does not include the ability to change forms using our template editor. Also, whilst any of your own data that you enter into Connect Lite during the trial is secure, it won’t be carried across should you choose to sign up after the trial. This is because we only create your dedicated data storage when you sign up to a paid version of Connect Lite.

What’s in a Connect Lite trial?

Sign up and get ready

Step 1.
Complete the short trial sign up form.

Step 2.
Validate your email address by clicking the link in the confirmation email we will send you.

Step 3.
Read through our quick set-up guide and on-line help manual.

Have a go! It doesn’t cost anything to try…

Step 4.
Set-up your trial and schedule first job using our pre-loaded trial data.
Then set up your trial Android devices for mobile users.

Step 5.
Enter your own real data, set up 2 mobile users and have a go with live jobs using our pre-set templates

Template editor.
A paid for subscription to Connect Lite includes Template Editor. This allows you to change forms and layouts to match your own existing processes

Start your own revolution!

Step 6.
When you’re ready, decide how many users you need, fill in our on-line DD form and sign up to create your own Connect Lite account

What will you need?

  • A live email account

What will you need?

  • A PC or laptop with an internet connection to set up and log into your Connect Lite account. This will allow you to schedule and plan jobs, monitor live work and see reports. (pic of laptop)
  • Google Chrome or Firefox browser access to the trial website, with pop-ups enabled (logos / links)
  • An Android phone with a data SIM to receive jobs out in the field and update job outcomes. (pic of device)
  • A Google account to download the free Connect Lite app onto your Android phone. (logo/link)

What will you need?

  • A PC or laptop for anyone planning / scheduling jobs
  • An Android phone for each mobile worker with Connect Lite App installed
  • Set up monthly DD payments for required number of users

How we can help you during your trial

Connect Lite is designed with real world usability baked in whether you are scheduling in the office or doing a trade job with dirty hands working out in the field. Clear, appropriate size layouts and colours focus on functionality in the business – not leisure device style presentation.

Quick start guide.

We know how busy small businesses are so we have created a 3 page quick start guide to help you get set up and make a start as quickly as possible. You can instantly schedule a job using our pre-loaded test data – but as soon as you are ready you can load some of your own real job information to try out Connect Lite for real.

Help pop ups and on-line help manual.

The Connect Lite trial has many pop up assist boxes built in to explain and direct you as you explore. It is also accompanied by a web-based help portal which you can find here

Call or email us

During this early bird trial phase we want as much contact with users as possible so if you can’t see what you need in the above call us on 01905 612220 or email . If you have any feedback we would also be delighted to hear it.

Receive Updates

If you’re not ready to start your FREE trial yet, but you’d like to be kept informed as we launch Connect lite, fill out the form below to receive automatic updates or email us at
If you want to see how the software can work for you – please check out or Connect Lite Trial.
Or you can always just give us a call on

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