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Connect Enterprise is our fully-fledged enterprise mobility solution. It’s designed for organisations who need to integrate their back office systems and their mobile workforce management software for real time visibility and control.

Delivered using Android smartphones or SIM enabled tablet devices, Connect Enterprise is highly customisable. The product is organised as a series of modules which can be activated and then configured in different ways to provide a wide range of functionalities, enabling the system to grow and change in response to the needs of a growing business.

Connect Enterprise customers recognise the benefit of a partnership with a provider who understands their business processes and takes their long-term objectives into account.

Enterprise mobility solutions

Enterprise mobility solutions

Who should use Connect Enterprise?

  • Managers who see potential benefits in mobile workforce solutions, but only want to choose a partner and install a solution once, by choosing one that really does work.
  • Organisations who have an existing back office system that works but see the integration of a mobile system into these as key to unlocking added value.
  • Owners or Directors who want to be able to configure the solution to fit their business – not the other way around.
  • Operational teams who know their future needs will grow and change – so they need a system that can grow and change with them.
  • Senior managers who want a flexible – and approachable – supplier who they can talk to and who won’t make them feel as if they are ‘on the clock’ and keep telling them ‘the system can’t do that’.
  • Businesses who have unique types of information in the field that they want to capture and integrate with other systems automatically – including photos, sketches, GIS (Global Information Systems).
  • Managers who have invested in other mobile solutions that didn’t work – no more failures!

Your first steps to finding a solution

Let us know you’re out there. If you think Connect Enterprise could be what you need let us know and we will be in touch. No hard sell we just need to work out between us if Connect Enterprise can meet your organisation’s needs.

Scoping your requirements. After initial conversations we will need to get into the detail of your requirements and how a Connect Enterprise solution can be configured around these which often require a little work. Typically customers have been happy to make a small investment to enable us to investigate their existing business systems and processes and make recommendations on how a solution could work with budget and timelines. This will cover areas such as:

  • What information is available in digital formats already? What information is on paper?
  • What are your existing business processes to plan, schedule and report on mobile operations?
  • What processes do you believe need moving over to a mobile solution?
  • What other system or data do you want to interface the mobile data with – real time or otherwise
“Telecetera have been excellent, they took the project and drove it through with us. It is great to have a partner that actually is a real partner. This came into its own especially when we needed integration with third party software. They made sure the supplier was on the ball and assisted with interfaces in a timely manner.”

Stuart Constable, Director of Operations SHAL Housing


What’s inside Connect Enterprise?

Scheduling & Appointing

Intelligent scheduling helps with efficient diary management and a more productive workforce. (Connect enterprise mobility solutions has a direct link between the scheduling software and the mobile software so there are no barriers for reporting data back as in more convoluted software setups).

You don’t have to manually manage locations, various SLAs , different skills sets and multiple job types. The system handles it all for you in the Appointing module and Connect works out the most cost effective mobile team for the job. The Advanced Appointing will also work out the most cost effective team to send to site

Use the Scheduling module to quickly and easily respond to customer requests and reschedule jobs using a combination of diary & map for real time locations

Report back, real time, on all field activity. Flag up jobs that didn’t go to plan (it does happen!) and capacity plan effectively.

Jobs management

Handle all your field work for all your teams through one enterprise mobility system. Jobs, works orders, installations, repairs, inspections, surveys, maintenance jobs, service calls. Whatever your jobs – Connect is configured to handle your job specific information.

Link job information and job history from your back office system to help your teams to have relevant and up to date info to complete the jobs. Take photos, draw sketches, add signatures and handle attachments View it all back in the office real time.

Don’t restrict your jobs just for customer specific jobs – include jobs that help you manage the business such as vehicle checks, customer satisfaction surveys etc.

Diary management

An interactive diary for all the teams ; both for the in house mobile teams and for your subcontractors, if required. Plan availability and jobs – and switch to the Dashboard view to check what really is happening in the field, real time. Who is on site, who has completed their job – and who is delayed by travelling?

The use of colours and animation enables the user to quickly focus on what they need to see and concentrate their efforts on the most pressing matters. Whatever system your schedulers or managers are currently, using they will quickly find the well thought out Connect Enterprise layout a key part of their daily work.

Set you own colour scheme and easily access all job details to respond to customer queries. Check photos taken on site, sketches of an installation, customer signatures, valid barcodes and all notes notes via links from the diary so that your schedulers can be fully in the picture at all times to support your mobile work teams.


So what do you do with all the other info that you need for your business such as expenses for example? Why have a paper trail when you can easily set these up and have them all recorded and managed through the system. Fuel, parking, meals; all available to be recorded, reviewed and amended out in the field or at central office.


Now with Google Maps. Gives you the real time location of the teams and helps pin point location for efficient scheduling. Quick and easy to use with the Diary for slotting in emergency jobs. Each team’s current location, their home location and their jobs for the day are clearly visible using differentiated icons for easy identification.  Clicking on each icon on the map reveals details of that item.

Sat Nav Integration

Make it safer on the road for your teams with efficient Sat Nav. Just one tap from the screen and they are routed automatically. You can choose to use Google Maps which is free but relies on connectivity – or you can decide to use Sygic which will work effectively off line.


Not all jobs are straight forward – and more complex jobs are easily managed through this module. Why have a separate module? We realised that this makes it really easy to group jobs together, control costs & materials, manage work flow and report back to the back office system.


Handle the complete Voids process from Pre inspection and Void work through to Post inspection efficiently by cutting out the admin intensive paperwork. The Void pre inspection is easily completed on the smart device, by room. All photos and sketches are easily accessible and included in the jobs.

Materials Management

If you want to include materials and part in your jobs and have accurate job costing but don’t want to implement the full Van Stock module, this is a good entry level.

Merchant VanStock

This module is aimed at companies who are struggling to find time to keep tab of all the van stock order from the Merchant and handle all the associated costs. Once you have loaded the products in Connect, the system will track and trace all van stock, automatically replenish and record stock used against a job. The mobile teams can order in the field. Connect will report on any discrepancies in the invoice from the merchant.

Read more about Connect Merchant Vanstock….


Never miss a visit; all maintenance calls are automatically created, scheduled and allocated to your preferred routes. Control contracts, people, routes and diaries – and capacity plan your resources.

Link in to your service schedule in your back office systems.

Read more about Connect Contracts….


Once the contract jobs have been created Connect will automatically route all your jobs for the most efficient route to reduce travel time – and costs. You don’t have to check maps and load a separate system; it’s all in Connect

This module requires Connect Contracts set up.

Read more about Connect Routing….

H & S Management

Mobile teams need to be prepared for any danger on site and to be able to report back any new potential hazards. Companies may have H & S info in different systems and databases. Connect can pull it all together to ensure that the teams are warned about hazards – and also complete risk assessments before tackling the jobs.


Easy to use and easy to manage, Connect Panic notifies you immediately with an alarm in the office or notification to the manager on call


If H & S is high up on your list of priorities, but you haven’t got the admin time to manage and track your teams, this will help. Connect keeps track of all the teams and their location, automatically and checks in with them at regular intervals.

Asset & Servicing

If you mange assets and have trouble keeping track of them all, use this module to track and trace assets and maintenance schedules. Link different assets together for a more efficient service schedule and use barcoding to ensure that the right assets is serviced at the correct time.

Gas Servicing

Aimed at companies who want to ensure 100% compliance, Connect manages the complete process, from the initial contact with the customer through the appointing of the service and the completion of the CP12.

Keep track of all the assets such as boilers, gas fires, cookers and make it easier for the engineers to complete the certificate in the field. Include photos, sketches and barcodes


We call them Daily Records – and it will save your admin teams a lot of time. Connect will automatically be your time clock and reports back on all activity at the end of the working day.


All the communication in one place; easy, quick and cost effective to use. Message the whole team for meetings, info and queries. See when a member of your team has read the message and track the response.


Connect Enterprise has a range of standard reports as management tools for financial and operational purposes. Reports are configured to reflect your definitions. Example reports are:

  • Right first time,
  • Average Job cost,
  • Breakdown of Jobs.


Immediate view of performance measure of activity against availability for the field teams for individual user or as a team.


Our configuration program for Enterprise where we define and configure your system. Exchange also handles the interface to your existing back office systems. Connect can interface to multiple back office systems and databases, making it very flexible. You may even have information in Excel spreadsheets that you want to link into

Form creator

Let your IT team take control of your forms with the in built Template Editor. Create new forms, update existing ones, link forms together for different processing.

Or just hand it over to us – and we will do it for you!

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