Telecetera understands that different clients have different requirements. That’s why the Connect line-up now offers two different routes to implement our proven field service software. Which Connect product is better suited to your needs?

The technology at the heart of today’s Telecetera mobile workforce management solution is descended directly from our first field service software products. Incorporating more than a decade of UK mobile software experience, Telecetera Connect remains the best way of keeping everyone in your company on-message even when connections are poor.

The Connect line-up continues to provide unequalled visibility and control over all field operations, along with the improved response times and reduced administrative overheads that result from a truly paperless workflow.

Recently Telecetera began work on extending the core Connect functionality across two distinct products: Connect Enterprise and Connect Lite. Read the descriptions below to decide which Connect solution best suits your organisation.

Mobile workforce ManagementMobile workforce solutionsService management software

Mobile workforce Management

Mobile workforce solutions

Service management software

We have successfully delivered connect mobile workforce solutions in the following sectors:

Field Service Software

Buildings & Construction contractors – Repairs & maintenancee

Connect Service Software

Social Housing – Repairs & maintenance management

Field Service Solutions

Pest Control – Ad hoc and planned services

Connect Service Solutions

Telecoms – Installation & maintenance

Management Service Software

Interior Landscape – Fully managed asset installation & servicing

Management Service Solutions

Portaloo Rental – Temporary on-site serviced facilities

Mobile Service Software

Audio Media – On-site software installation

Field Management Software

Mining- Industrial on-site servicing & repairs

Field Management Solutions

Catering – On-site machine servicing & repairs

Mobile Service Solutions

Utilities & highways – Water leakage detection & metering services

Connect Management Software

Refrigeration – Installation and maintenance

Connect Management Solutions

CCTV –  Installation and maintentance

Connect Enterprise

Connect Enterprise is Telecetera’s flagship enterprise mobility solution.

Connect Enterprise is designed for SMEs and Corporates who need a mobile workforce management solution that’s fully integrated with their existing back office systems.

This is a  mobile workforce management solution for organisations that want to drive efficiencies and value for its stakeholders without compromising on service levels and quality. In fact they aspire to raise these, at the same time as driving change within the organisation. Change that their staff are willing to embrace as it empowers them to deliver an improved service  in a more transparent way.

Built to provide the ultimate in real-time visibility and control, Connect Enterprise is the ‘missing link’ that ties your fieldworkers’ Android smartphones into your office systems through its pedigree service management software.

The powerful Connect Enterprise server module is robust and highly customisable, enabling user-transparent integration across a broad spectrum of other enterprise management software.

Our specialist field service software team will work with your in-house IT team to configure Connect Enterprise to your exact requirements, delivering a mobile workforce solution that meets all the needs of your organisation now – and in future.

Connect Lite

Connect Lite is Telecetera’s small business solution in the field service sector.

Connect Lite is designed for SMEs who want to benefit from our experience in mobile workforce management but don’t need the full functionality of Connect Enterprise, nor can they justify the investment in time and finance resources this fully fledged solution justifies.

Connect Lite is web-based, but still has the industry-leading Connect communications architecture for Android smartphones at its core. You may well already have these devices within the organisation.

Whilst not as customisable as Connect Enterprise, your Connect Lite online account will provide access to pre-configured ‘best practice’ templates for diary and scheduling functions and paperless workflows.

The Connect family at-a-glance

Set up and configure to your organisationgreen-tick-bigConnect has a platform which - after scoping - is configured to your requirementsblue-tick-smallSet up using pre defined templates etc. for a quick launch
Software installation requiredgreen-tick-bigInstalled on your server giving you full control of your data
Online office solutionblue-tick-bigAccessible anywhere with Internet access
Includes face to face configuration, training and supportgreen-tick-bigWork in partnership to create a business solution that can grow in line with your requirements
Interface to your existing back office systemsgreen-tick-bigAbility to interface with existing software systems for real time information sharing
Stand alone solutionblue-tick-bigDesigned solely to take your mobile work information mobile.
Android smartphone mobile solutiongreen-tick-bigAndroid based for optimum mobile integrityblue-tick-bigAndroid based for optimum mobile integrity
Robust Connect mobile communications platform - keeping you working in poor signal have 10 years experience of handling mobile data and a realistic approach to connectivity in the field. We use GPRS to communicate data. Where there is limited connectivity, Connect will continue to handle & store all the data on the device. No information will be have 10 years experience of handling mobile data and a realistic approach to connectivity in the field. We use GPRS to communicate data. Where there is limited connectivity, Connect will continue to handle & store all the data on the device. No information will be lost.
Optimised for SMEs and Corporatesgreen-tick-bigScalable solution which can grow with your organisation as your business expandsblue-tick-smallOptimised for small businesses
Scheduling & Appointinggreen-tick-bigIntelligent scheduling for multiple job types and user groups. Includes escalation monitoring and configurable job processingblue-tick-smallSchedule and Appoint using skillset, location, target date & time, availability
Job Managementgreen-tick-bigAbility to handle all your field work through Connect with job forms that you can configure. Link job information and job history from your back office system to help your teams to have relevant and up to date info to complete the jobs. Take photos, draw sketches, add signatures and handle attachments Also handles barcodes. View it all back in the office real & Edit Customer, book and track jobs, including outcomes. Handles digital signatures and photos.
Diary Managementgreen-tick-bigInteractive Diary for all the teams, including subcontractors. Set you own colour scheme and easily access all job details to respond to customer queries. Check photos taken on site, sketches of an installation, customer signatures, valid barcodes and all the availability of your mobile teams
Mapgreen-tick-bigVisually Track and trace location of jobs, teams and routes via Google Maps. Handles route optimisation and scheduled mileage Track the location of jobs, teams and routes via Google Maps.
Activitiesgreen-tick-bigAbility to handle other information required such as fuel expenses, parking, meals…
Sat Nav Integrationgreen-tick-bigChoose between Google Maps or Sygic - both integrated into Connect Google maps, integrated within Connect Lite
Messagesgreen-tick-bigMessage the whole team instantly for meetings, info and queries with Connect Messages. Not restricted to 140 character
Time sheetsgreen-tick-bigAutomatically collect timesheet information - and report back end of day.
Projectsgreen-tick-bigControls and manages complex jobs
Voidsgreen-tick-bigModule for the Social Housing sector; Handles the complete Voids process from Pre inspection and Void work through to Post inspection and handover.
Materials & Partsgreen-tick-bigRecord materials and parts used for Jobs
Merchant Van Stockgreen-tick-bigModule for managing the complete process replenishment, ordering and invoice reconciliation for van stock.
Contractsgreen-tick-bigModule to control contracts, people, routes and diaries – and capacity plan your resources. Can link to service schedule in back office system.
Routinggreen-tick-bigLet Connect automatically route all your jobs to reduce travel time.
Panicgreen-tick-bigEasy to use Panic button for lone worker protection
Protectiongreen-tick-bigProvide lone worker protection. Connect keeps track of all the teams and their location, automatically and checks in with them at regular intervals.
Assets & Servicinggreen-tick-bigTrack & trace assets and service schedules. Incorporates barcodes.
Fully configurable real time Reporting Suite and Dashboardgreen-tick-bigReports available as management tools for financial and operational purposes. Configured to reflect your definition.
Standard real time Dashboardblue-tick-bigSee an overview of Key business measures via standard reports in real-time
Configured Data Analysergreen-tick-bigEasily view breakdowns of data such as cost and performance.
Exchangegreen-tick-bigUnique component for Connect Enterprise where we define and configure your system. Exchange also handles the interface to your existing back office systems.
Form Creatorgreen-tick-bigCreate new forms, update existing ones, link forms together for different processing.